This morning, while I was out shopping with Kendall, Joey was at home giving Henry a haircut.  Henry has been on probation for the last few days because his behavior has been Questionable At Best lately.  I think he knows change is in the air or something.  Anyway, he had a thick and bedraggled coat of winter fur that needed to be cut off.

We’re heading up to Iowa later for Joey’s brother’s wedding, and Henry’s coming.  So naturally he needs to look his best.  And after we go to Iowa, it’s off to Indianapolis for a week, at which time he will be staying with us at the Grandparents Laird’s house.  So he REALLY needs to look  his best.

And you say, what’s this business about Indianapolis?  Why on earth would you spend an entire week there when you are from Iowa and you live in Texas?

To this I reply…wait a week or so.  All shall be revealed.


Anyway, the point of this all is to say that Joey started Henry’s haircut and probably made a royal mess in doing so, and just 30 minutes ago, I finished it.  We save a truckload of money by grooming Henry ourselves, and we have a two-part system worked out.  Joey buzzes him and I trim Henry’s face, legs and paws with the scissors.  Works like a charm.

Except today I forgot to change into grungies before doing so, and I managed to cover myself entirely in chopped off Henry fur.  My black shirt looked gray and my jeans were dripping fuzz, so I threw them in the dryer…I’m hoping that removes some of the excess.

The worst thing is I only have one pair of maternity jeans, and of course those are the ones now covered in fur.  And I sort of need them for church tomorrow.  I may be up late (or early) running them through the wash.

Bonus: we ate at Desperadoes for dinner tonight with Joey’s pops, and that stupid Eagles song is stuck in my head now and won’t get out.  It’s really bad. Deeeeeeesperaaaaaaadoooooooooooooo…………

I better end this because if Gramps said I made another rambling post like the one the other day, I was fired.  And I can’t risk getting fired at this point because Henry needs a place to stay in Indiana next week.

The end.


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