Dear Gramps,


Knowing that you can fix almost anything, I thought I would bring a recently realized problem to your attention. The Kid and I were discussing Krispy Kremes and how tasty they are, and we decided to go on a Krispy Kreme raid when were were terrorizing your house in Indiana. ALAS! Have a look at this here Google Map of Krispy Kreme locations in your area, and you will see our problem.

Problem: There are none
Solution: Build one before November 2

So…I know you’re in Florida and all that, but you probably have a lot of extra time on your hands. If I were you, I’d get on the phone with the franchise people and get the ball rolling.

Um, I mean “please”.



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  1. Jenna: I think I just sent a response which contained no comment….small goof on my part…..I can perpetrate better/bigger goofs than that!!!
    Anyway, Krispy Kremes may still be sold in some retail establishments, e.g., grocery stores, so we will check on that in order to prepare as much as possible for your visit.
    Beyond that, with regard to developing some new Krispy Kreme stores in our area, I will get focused on that. One thing that will be required is some equity. I notice that you have, hopefully, sold the Honda, so, knowing your desire to assist in this effort, the first step in assembling the equity capital would be for you to send the proceeds from the Honda sale to the “Krispy Kreme Development Fund”, which is located at our address.
    There will be a “status report” when we are together for Alex’s birthday bash. — Grandpa

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